Blue and Red

Blue and red. Cool and hot. Running to and from, toward and away, always running, running, running. Evil versus good? Who knows? Who cares? Just running, always in opposition, always oblivious of everything but the need to keep running.

What they don’t know is that no one cares what they do or how they do it; the only care is that they keep doing whatever it is that they do. But what is it that they do? If they themselves have no clue, then who does? And why does it matter?

It matters simply because it does not matter. It matters because in all the billions of universes, the blue running from the red, the red running toward the blue, the blue running toward the red, and the red running away from the blue is the only thing that does not matter. Everything else, absolutely everything else, has a cosmic purpose, a part to play in a grand design – except the blue and red.

And yet, the blue and red are part of every fiber of every universe. In every bit of stuff, then, there is red and there is blue, and they don’t matter at all, except that they keep running, and that they keep running to and from, toward and away, always running, running, running.

Who designed things that have unnecessary parts? No one, we are told. We are told this because no one knows, and no one cares. Everyone is focused on his own needs and goals. No one has conscious room or any desire to care about the blue and red, the red or the blue. Somewhere, someday, someone will be born who cares about the blue and red, who yearns to understand why they run the way they do, and who, with every fiber of his being, will strive bring meaning to the unnecessary, the useless, the forgotten, and the misunderstood. He will bring out the loveliness of the blue and the red and give them their due honor.