What People Are Saying About The Parent

the_parentThe book can be read by all levels.  A strength of the story is it’s layers. The reader’s age and life experiences will influence what the reader “gets” from the story.

I read this book in one sitting! The story is touching and reminds the reader that our relationships with people are what is most important. I teach High School Family Living and Human Growth and Development, In February the students will use this book as a novel study. It is perfect for a discussion on families, parenting, relationships.

As a therapist, I am always looking for stories to help my clients as well as enriching my personal life.  Good story telling “shows but does not tell” the author’s intended message.  Diana Webster’s The Parent powerfully shows that the primary and essential need in achieving effective parenting and forming loving and healthy familial relationships is “bonding.” This core need “to bond,” what bonding looks like and how to actualize are revealed by the lives of three characters – a little girl, her single mother and an elderly neighbor.  As the story unfolds, they influence one another and their lives are positively changed through simple but kind acts, taking the time “just to
be with that person,”and showing a genuine interest in the person. While Webster does not refute the need for parents or caregivers in providing the basic needs of their child, she succinctly shows that it is the power of being in the “present moment” with positive regard for one another that forms the essential foundation of all  healthy, parent-child relationships.

I highly recommend Webster’s The Parent as the story communicates on an emotional level that all readers will be able to relate to and learn from!  It is enjoyable to read, the right length, never boring and has a very “touching ending” – I couldn’t stop reading the book until I finished it!  The story can also be used as a springboard in discussing family dynamics, interpersonal interactions and trans-generational issues in addition to parenting skills.

Well written book. Makes you think about what kind of parent you are. Good for both children and adults.

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