Young Love

She reads a lot these days, the same books over and over, trying to remember the stories.

He takes care of her, but others are now in charge of meals, laundry, and cleaning.

Together, they piece together jigsaw puzzles and visit with friends over meals.

It’s Valentine’s Day.

The local grocery store gives each resident a single red rose.

Nice gesture.

A daughter arrives with roses in a china vase.

Nice to see the daughter; the roses are beautiful.

The vase is important.

The stripes of gold leaf and antique white bring back

the American army chaplain who brought the vase from Germany

and gave it as a wedding gift to a young seminary student and his bride.


64 years of living, the vase standing empty when it should have

held flowers to celebrate something special,

garden peonies stuffed in the vase, ants crawling all over.


Now the vase holds roses, fitting flowers for romance,

And love is young.